What medications are effective in treating cystitis?

Published on : 29 November 20214 min reading time
Cystitis is a urinary infection that occurs in the bladder. It is manifested by a frequent urge to urinate with a sensation of pain and burning during urination. This infection affects more particularly women and rarely men. Discover the effective treatments for cystitis.

All you need to know about cystitis

This urinary inflammation affects more women and one woman out of two will have it at least once in her life. In 9/10 cases, the “Escherichia coli” bacteria, a bacterium naturally present in the intestinal flora, is the agent responsible for this infection. Women between 20 and 40 years old, pregnant women, post-menopausal women and diabetics are the groups at risk of this inflammation. Elderly men and patients with urinary catheters are also at high risk for this infection. Behaviors: not drinking water, not urinating enough and especially not urinating after sexual intercourse promote cystitis. Indeed, cystitis is a benign pathology that can strongly alter the quality of life. Knowing that a urinary infection treatment of this pathology is possible.

Discover the symptoms of cystitis

Urgent and frequent urination accompanied by a burning sensation and pain are the general symptoms of cystitis in women. Sometimes blood in the urine or a foul-smelling disorder with a weight in the lower abdomen is added. For pregnant women, the infection can have serious consequences such as premature delivery. In men, the symptoms are quite similar. But in any case, it is rare there and presents itself in a more serious way. Thus, it can cause fever or even hospitalization. Cystitis can be recognized by focusing on three particular signs: imperiousness, pollakiuria and fictional burning. Urgency is explained by the fact of having a pressing desire, or an urgent need to urinate. Urinary incontinence is when only a small amount of urine is passed each time. And fictional burning is burning that can occur while urinating. Sometimes smelly urine with pain behind the pubic area is also a telltale sign. If you have these signs, consider seeing a specialist for cystitis treatment.

Cystitis: what treatments work?

Before starting a cystitis treatment, it is important to know that it is possible to reduce the risks of having this inflammation. To do this, it is recommended to drink a lot of water in order to urinate frequently. Then, remember to go to the bathroom no later than 15 minutes after sexual intercourse. Once the symptoms are felt, a urinary tract infection treatment should be considered. It is not easy to get rid of the symptoms of cystitis without treatment. Moreover, there is a medical device for a urinary infection treatment without prescription. Indeed, there are drugs that do not require a prescription to prevent and treat the disease. This product prevents bacteria from attaching to the walls and unhooks those that are already attached. These medications help to eliminate both the unwanted bacteria along with the urine flow. You can find these different devices online. It is intended for the treatment and prevention of cystitis and comes in a convenient drinkable solution powder sachet. You should also avoid holding back from urinating. Wearing cotton underwear and having good hygiene during your period are also precautions that can be taken.

Risk factors for cystitis

Factors can come into play that increase the risk of cystitis. Sexual intercourse is one of the main factors to consider. Through mechanical friction, intercourse promotes the penetration of bacteria into the urethra by irritating the uterine lining. Cold weather can also make the blood supply more susceptible to bacterial attack. Stress and lack of sleep are also risk factors for cystitis by weakening the immune system. Once weakened, the immune system becomes much more susceptible to infection, including this inflammation. Not drinking water also increases the risk of cystitis. Once in lack of water, the body rarely urinates, which allows bacteria to stagnate in the urine and cause an infection. It is important to note that insufficient intimate hygiene allows bacteria to proliferate. In order to reduce these different factors, you can get cystitis medication online.

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