What are the different concentrations of CBD oils?

If we refer to the bottles offered on the market, we can easily see that the concentrations of CBD, in each quantity of hemp oil, are different. They are varied according to the needs and weights of the consumers. Often presented as a percentage, the rates indicated mean that the concentration of CBD oil is low, medium or high.

CBD oils, in different concentrations

On line or in specialized stores, CBD oil is marketed in various concentrations. That is why, we find on each bottle, that it contains, the rates 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% or 30%. All these indicate that the oil is more or less concentrated in CBD. So, when you buy your CBD oil, always check these reports, not to make a mistake in the dosage. To make your choice easier and to escape any deception, the CBD levels in Greeneo CBD oil are made on demand. Moreover, they are available according to your need. Thus, you only have to place your order.

The concentration rates of the CBD oil, varied according to the needs

The concentration of CBD oil in each bottle is not a coincidence. This variation is, specially conceived, with the aim of satisfying to the maximum, the needs of its users. Going from the weak to the strongest, the active substance that can contain each of the vials corresponds well to the need of each individual. Because it is added in proportion to the body weight. That is why the number of drops to be taken daily is fixed according to the weight of the patient. This quantity also depends on whether the oil is highly concentrated in CBD or not.

Even in the drops, the concentration of CBD oil is diverse

Also, the content of this product, in the droplet, is particularly differentiated. In general, this concentration is fixed between 0.5 to 1.5 mg of CBD per kilo. Depending on whether patients need a high or low dosage. All this, so that the use of CBD oil, that is to say its dosage of each day, is respected and follows the standard. These diversifications are created since its manufacture, especially, so that there is no misuse of this medication. Moreover, since it is a solution with therapeutic purposes, like medicines, the design of CBD oils is subject to strict rules, both in quality and on the differentiations of products to be marketed.
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