Back pain: is it mechanical or inflammatory?

The origins of back pain can be identified by the effects causing the pain. In most cases, this pain is due to problems with the mechanism that the spine suffers. But it could also come from an inflammatory disease. The one that infects, most often, the joints. Whatever the case, it is essential to know its origins in order to treat it properly. Find out how the pain is formed.

The origins of back pain, according to practitioners

Osteopaths state that, in the majority of cases detected, the origins of back pain are related to mechanical difficulties. Hence its name mechanical back pain. And according to them, two out of ten backaches are caused by diseases, called autoimmune. Those that cause inflammation at the joints of the bones. This justifies the qualification of a certain inflammatory back pain. Neither, the pain that the back endures requires adequate treatment. Knowing this need, it is fundamental to understand its true origins. All this, in order not to make the wrong therapy. Obviously, each of these sufferings has its own remedy.

Those that cause mechanical back pain

Mechanical complication of the spine is one of the origins of back pain. The most common, anyone can suffer from it. It is caused by carrying a weight that does not correspond to the weight that the body could support. It is also possible that this pain is the result of overexertion. Especially if this is done repeatedly. But the shocks that the bones of the back can undergo, during an accident for example, can cause this suffering. According to all these possibilities, back pain comes from the damage caused on all its elements.

Inflammatory back pain, constantly linked to a disease

Contrary to the mechanical ones, the origins of the inflammatory back pain are only detectable by clinical examinations, more or less advanced. For the reason that, this type of back problem results from diseases, more precisely, pathologies caused by the dysfunction of the immune system. Moreover, there are many of them. If we mention only the disorder as the excess of secretion of liquids quenines, by the joints. Known as arthritis, this particularly chronic inflammation always creates back pain. In particular, when we do not move too much. Moreover, the irritation persists until the pathology that causes the pain is cured.
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