What foods are richest in zinc?

Zinc is present in a variety of foods. This trace element is essential for maintaining good health. It is listed under the symbol Zn on the periodic tables of elements. Zinc is mainly found in the body in the bones and muscles. It is involved in several enzymes and plays an important role in the growth and appearance of the scalp and skin. Zinc is easily found in our daily meals: meat, vegetables, fruit and dairy products. This trace element has multiple health benefits. What foods should we choose to provide a good supply of zinc?

Meat and seafood: the richest in zinc

Foods rich in zinc help prevent skin and hair problems. They improve their appearance and contribute to better health in general. Meat is a good source of zinc. We are talking in particular about veal and its liver. These meats contain more protein, iron and also vitamins. Vegetarians need to supplement with zinc more than the rest of the population to avoid a deficiency. A non-excessive consumption of meat ensures good growth. You should choose a dish that contains a normal amount of meat every day. You can also buy oysters and other seafood to supplement your zinc intake. Even though they are low in calories, seafood such as lobster and crab should be on your plate from time to time because of their micronutrient content. Diversify your seafood dishes to take advantage of its richness in zinc and other micronutrients. Zinc-rich foods such as meat and seafood contain even more nutrients that are essential to health.

Grains, seeds and nuts

Eating whole grains every morning also provides a good amount of zinc in your body. Unrefined wheat, bread and rice provide a good source of minerals that should certainly not be overlooked. In your breakfast, don't hesitate to add seeds to your yogurt pot to benefit more from the virtues of zinc. Nuts are also on the list of zinc-rich foods. As an appetite suppressant, nibble on pistachios, cashews or pecans outside of your meal. Almonds can also provide a small amount of zinc from time to time.

Other foods with zinc

There are many more zinc-rich foods that can be eaten on a daily basis. Dairy products such as cheese and yogurt, even though they contain only a small amount of zinc, are good for bone health and are easy to digest. Whole milk is high in calcium and should be consumed every morning. Did you know that cocoa powder also contains zinc? An excellent source of zinc, dark chocolate in particular helps combat the risks of depression and cardiovascular pathologies. A zinc supplement is essential for pregnant women, vegetarians and heavy alcohol consumers. How to recognize a zinc deficiency? A deficiency in this trace element can result in hair loss and streaky, brittle nails. A viral infection can also be a sign of zinc deficiency.

What are the benefits of a good zinc intake?

Zinc is an essential element for the proper functioning of the body. It is also a powerful antioxidant that considerably reduces oxidative stress. The latter is responsible for a good number of diseases such as cancer, stomach aches and cardiovascular problems, among others. It is also a great ally to have a healthy skin. Zinc helps to fight against the appearance of acne and dermatitis. It is also vital for nails and hair. This trace element improves the synthesis of keratin and collagen. Take the time to eat nuts and pumpkin seeds for beautiful skin and hair. Zinc is also a vital element for immunity. It also helps regulate weight and improves blood sugar levels considerably. This trace element also helps prevent many diseases while contributing to the production of insulin. Here are some dishes to improve your zinc intake:
  • Raw veal liver with vegetables
  • Lobster
  • Ground steak with thyme
  • Milk with seeds and nuts
This list is exhaustive, there are still millions of zinc-rich recipes that allow you to have a good intake of this trace element on a daily basis.
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